Monday, January 13, 2014

Secret Santa Gift 2013

This year my SS was Teresa from Creationsbyjessi. First I recieved this beautiful package...
Which contained a plaque with a horse picture on it. :) She knows I love horses! It came from Kim so I assumed she was my SS! (The Palomino looks very much like Peanut. :))
Then Teresa convoed me and said she was my SS. Later a package arrived with this very useful teacher stamp set.
She even included a gift for my youngest sister! This cute little skirt that fit her perfectly!
Thank you so much! I have been blessed every time I participated in the CAST SS gift exchange! I am excited about participating again next year! :)

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

My Secret Santa Gift 2012

This year my secret santa from CAST was Nelly from My gift came in two separate packages. First, this strange box arrived. I had no clue what was in it, I just knew I hadn't ordered it! It was early December when it arrived so I didn't even think about it being my SS gift. I finally opened it since it had my name on it. As you can see from the cute little box it contained nuts! 1 lb of organic almonds and 1 lb of dried fruit. They were delicious and helped me get through the last two weeks of a stressful semester. I did share. :)
Delicious and healthy!
I thought the box was pretty funny. It was covered in jokes!
Secondly, about a week later a package arrived containing these:
I was thrilled! Nelly knows I have long admired this bracelet in her shop! She was kind enough to include one for each member of my family!
Thank you so much, Nelly! My gift could not have been any more perfect!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Missouri in Drought Part 1

I've been going to post this for three weeks, but I can't seem to find the time to go back through my CD's of photos from April and May to find the ones I wanted to post, so I'm posting these few from the last two weeks as part 1 and hopefully I can find time to post the others eventually. The first one is a small pond that has completely gone dry. The middle two are of the lake below the house. That all used to be under water. The last one is of a tree along the bank of the lake. Those roots should be under water. Instead they are exposed and about 5 feet from the water. I don't know how the tree is surviving!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Name That Flower!

Name that flower is back! I went ahead and listed this card in my shop today, but I would really like to know what kind of flowers these are. It's not a sunflower, I've never seen anything with leaves like it. They are about 5 feet tall and grow wild in the fields of MO.
The first person to correctly identify it will receive a free 4 x 6 print of the photo. So name that flower!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

In Loving Memory..

of the foal I fondly called, "Baby". There are pictures of him for sale in my shop, but here are some that didn't make the cut and are cute anyway.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


With the launch of the CAST's BNR last week I have been getting lots of questions about the difference between BNR's and BNS's, so I thought I would do a post on it. Here are the questions I am asked most often: If I buy into a BNR when will I be featured? Immediately! VS. BNS When the current round fills up. In the CAST BNS that means 14 sales have been made. When will the BNR be open? Whenever I or someone else has time to open it. VS. BNS The BNS is open every night from 9-11 PM EST unless I post otherwise. Can I post my coupon code in the BNR? Yes, please do if you are a featured shop. VS. BNS Yes, please post your coupon code if you are featured. How will I know when I'm featured? Whoever is curating will send you a convo when we open with your feature. Anything else I should add? Leave me a comment!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Changes in the Air

Spring has sprung here in Missouri. I have been busy capturing the beauty of a Missouri springtime with my camera. Tonight I am excited to share some of that beauty with you! Click on the CraftCult widget on the right hand sidebar or the link below to be taken to my Etsy shop for an opportunity to buy a photo card or print of my springtime photos. Here is just a sample of what I will be releasing over the next few days.