Tuesday, December 25, 2012

My Secret Santa Gift 2012

This year my secret santa from CAST was Nelly from http://www.etsy.com/shop/NellywithWings. My gift came in two separate packages. First, this strange box arrived. I had no clue what was in it, I just knew I hadn't ordered it! It was early December when it arrived so I didn't even think about it being my SS gift. I finally opened it since it had my name on it. As you can see from the cute little box it contained nuts! 1 lb of organic almonds and 1 lb of dried fruit. They were delicious and helped me get through the last two weeks of a stressful semester. I did share. :)
Delicious and healthy!
I thought the box was pretty funny. It was covered in jokes!
Secondly, about a week later a package arrived containing these:
I was thrilled! Nelly knows I have long admired this bracelet in her shop! She was kind enough to include one for each member of my family!
Thank you so much, Nelly! My gift could not have been any more perfect!