Tuesday, November 1, 2011

How to Pack a Shoebox for Operation Christmas Child

First you choose a box. A regular size shoebox or a medium plastic box will work.

Next fill it with toys.

Add some candy.
Wrap it if you wish.

Choose the age and gender of the child to receive your box and tape it to the top.

Add $7 to cover shipping costs.

These boxes are packed and ready to go.

This makes a great family activity!

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  1. Also wrap the lid separate from the box so they can inspect it and get the money out. ;-)

  2. Great post - Operation Christmas Child is such a great cause :-)

  3. Our church does Operation Christmas Child for our county every year. All the children put boxes together and put them under the tree. It's so awesome!

  4. We are packing boxes for OCC this Sunday. :) Love the post!

  5. Very cool! We do them each year too, so much fun and good to know children will be receiving fun gifts who wouldn't of otherwise. Niki x

  6. It's a great cause. You're on the ball getting yours done already!

  7. Yes, I should have mentioned that the lid has to be wrapped separately. Thanks, ShadowCutter!

    Our church fills a semi each year. (We are the collection center for St. Joe.) My family packed 16 boxes this year.

  8. It's always great to do something like that... really makes you feel fulfilled. And there's always children who will be greatful and happy that someone out there is thinking of them :) little kids don't understand poverty from the parent's perspective... all they think is "why no Christmas for me?" You just stopped some children from having to ask that question :)


  9. Really cool! Where do you get the stickers from that say the age and gender?

  10. Very true Aloquin!

    They are paper labels. They come from the little flyer they send out or you can print them off their website.