Tuesday, December 13, 2011


It is time for a giveaway! There will be three winners! Three people will each win 50 Die Cuts. You get to choose five designs that you would like 10 of from these 10 choices: (see photo below) 1. dragonfly 2. small butterfly 3. large butterfly 4. cross 5. large snowflake 6. small snowflake 7. teddy bear 8. splat 9. flower 10. heart

I will choose the colors.

The second picture contains a penny for size reference only. The third photo is just a sample of a few things you can make with them. The giveaway will run for one week. I used rafflecoptor to make it easy for me to keep track of entries. Please leave me your email address or Etsy username in a blog comment or the rafflecoptor form, so I have a way of contacting you when you win. For any prize not claimed within 24 hours, I will draw a new winner.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. I think I entered? Tanks for the giveaway. It would be nice to have a slightly different shape of snowflake to mix up with my current ones.

  2. I entered.....I think. Those are fun choices.
    Have a super day.

  3. Hi Crystal - thanks for reminding us about the top 10......

  4. Great die cuts. I didn't enter because I'm trying to decrease the amount of things that I obtain that I won't currently need, but I'm excited to see who will win it :-)

  5. everything seems a bit off......today is the 21st of December. stopped by to comment. hope you're feeling better Crystal. Read the midwest is getting "weather". Most unusual for us - no snow and it's 50 degrees today.

  6. It is 50 degrees here today too on New Year's Eve!